Frequently Asked Questions


What is a highlight video?

A highlight video is a compilation of the best, most memorable moments filmed throughout the day with music overlayed on top. It includes clips from the very start of the day into reception moments and dancing. It is made to be the perfect way to look back on the day and to share your special day with family and friends.

What more do I get with 2 videographers compared to 1 videographer?

You get better all day coverage, multiple angles, full coverage of the ceremony, toasts and reception dances. The biggest problem having one videographer for the day is that I can only be in one place at a time. By having 2 videographers, it allows coverage in 2 different places at once or multiple angles simultaneously. Sometimes during weddings days, the bride and groom get ready at the same time or the photographers split them up and do bridal party pictures in different spots. By having 2 videographers it allows us to be able to capture everything that is happening in any situation. For the ceremony and reception activities (toasts, dances, cake cutting etc) it allows us to get the best coverage of everything with multiple angles. For example - Instead of seeing just the toaster give the speech, you know get to see what your reaction was like when they said something sweet or cracked a joke.

What is included in the ceremony video?

The ceremony video is a full cut of the ceremony. It will be filmed between 3 cameras and the officiant and groom will be mic’d up to ensure clear, clean audio. The video will start with people walking down the aisle until the couple walks away married. If you ceremony last 20 minutes, that’s how long the ceremony video will be.

This is for couple who would like ot have the full ceremony on video. It is perfect if you want to share with extended family if some are not able to attend or to have for yourself down the road to look back on.

Cut and edited toasts means you will get the toasts in full on video. The toasts are filmed between 2 cameras and the final video will have the clean audio from either the DJ’s mic, which is recorded by us or the mic placed on the toaster from BE Videography. In short it is a video so you can see the toasts in full.

What is “cut and edited toasts”?

Drone footage is an aerial view of the venue. I offers a unique perspective from above that you would not be able to view. I am a licensed remote pilot which is a requirement for all drone flyers for weddings. So if any venues require a license beforehand it is not a problem. The only caveat is the location of the venue. Most venues you are allowed to fly. However all venues in or around DC are not allowed and is strictly prohibited by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). When booking, I can check maps to ensure the venue is in an area at which I can fly.

What is drone footage?

If you are looking to get all of the clips filmed from the entire day, you will want to purchase Raw Footage Transfer. You will need to provide an external hard drive and I will then fill it up with all the raw footage that is filmed as well as the final videos. Depending which package you get, you will receive the final highlight and or ceremony and toasts as well as the raw footage. This is a perfect was to have all the footage and a backup of the final videos in one safe spot.

If you do not know what an external hard drive is or if you need one, below is a link to one I recommend to every couple. It has enough space for all the videos as well as photos if you choose to add them in after so you can keep everything in one spot.

Seagate 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

What is raw footage transfer?

The most popular package is the Premium package. Most couple look for the 5-7 minute highlight video. This extended highlight compared to the Deluxe package it the sweet spot. Long enough to cover the entire day and get all the feels from the wedding day.

The second most popular package is the Ultimate. This is more for couples who want everything from their wedding day. They want that sizzle highlight video but also want to see parts of the day in full.

What is the most popular package?

I require a 20% non-refundable deposit at the time of signed contract. This will lock in the wedding date. The remainder is due anytime before the wedding date. If you wish to pay all at once or payments along the way, either is works great.

How does payment work?

If the venue is over an hour and a half away there will be a travel fee. The amount of the fee depends on the total distance.

Do you have a travel fee?

Packages start out at $2,600. For a full packaging and pricing sheet please fill out the contact form.

What are your packages and pricing?