We saw each other for the first time at a wedding where Brooks was filming and Angie was a bridesmaid, We wouldn't go on to meet until a year later where we met up for coffee to talk about our love for video. A twenty minute talk about film soon turned into a three hour conversation about our favorite bands, places we wanted to see in the world, and a hundred other things we found out we had in common. The next wedding season we began filming together. Our passion definitely drew us together, but you could even say it was being surrounded by all the love on wedding days that finally gave us the extra push to confess the secret crushes we had for each other one summer night after a wedding. As they say, the rest is history. 

Weddings is where our love story started

More About Us

We both grew up with a camera in hand. Angie was always the one piecing together stories and creating skits with her friends or making home videos of those that meant the most to her. Expressing herself through film became a way to express the love she had for others and the feelings she could never put into words. Brooks has always had an eye for capturing epic visuals. Coming from the realm of extreme sports, he would make skiing and skate videos of him and his friends. Years later he transferred those skills to create cinematic travel films. When we both came together to film weddings, we combined our love of storytelling and cinematic visuals to form what is now known as BE Videography.

And we're all about the vibe

We're Angie and brooks.

When we're not filming and editing, you can find us hanging outside in a hammock somewhere or on multi-day hikes with our closest friends. If we're not in adventure mode, then we're chillin mega hard on the couch with some tacos and tequila.

Sunset hikes and taco Tuesdays.

Music is one of the things we first connected over. We're no Hendrix, but we do love to make our own covers and sing loud with the windows down on long drives.

Attending concerts and playing our own.

We're homebodies at heart. We love spending quality time with both of our families and having game nights with the homies. When we do venture out, you can find us eating at local favorites or having a brew in downtown Frederick.

Quality time is our love language

In our free time...

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